At Red Hat Rentals we try to accommodate a wide range of individual needs. The following policies are designed to service the vast amount of situations we have encountered with an emphasis on safety and consistent customer service, but if you have a specific request don’t hesitate to speak with us directly.

When picking up your order you must have a valid Texas Driver’s License with picture ID and be at least 21 years of age.

Rental pricing is based on the following rental rates:
        4 hour rate - 4 Consecutive hours during store hours
        Day rate - 24 Consecutive hours
        Week rate - 7 Consecutive days
        Monthly rate - 4 Consecutive weeks
        Metered equipment - Charges are based on 8 hours of use during a 24-hour period,
                  40 hours per week or period. Additional usage will be charged accordingly.

Pricing is subject to change without notice. All rental charges are for time out, whether equipment is used or not, so make your selections carefully.

A 14% non-refundable charge is added to your contract. This covers normal wear and tear of equipment. It does not cover shortages, loss of items, negligence, or damage due to improper use or abuse of an item.

Payment is required at time rental equipment is picked up. Customers may be required to leave a deposit on rented items. Accounts are available. Contact us for an Account application.

Equipment reservations are not available on line. Please call for availability.

Tool: Reservations are highly recommended. If you later find you need to delay your reservation to another day or time, please let us know so we can accommodate you.

Party: We suggest reserving your order as soon as possible. The reservation fee is 50% of the total ordered amount and will be refunded if rental is canceled fourteen days prior to the event, with the EXCEPTION of special orders, tents, and moonwalks. Deposit will not be returned for these items if canceled. All orders remain a quote until deposit is received. Reservations must be paid in full prior to pick-up/delivery.

Responsibility for rental items remains with the customer from pickup to return. Our insurance does not cover equipment while it is in your possession. All equipment should be secured and protected from damage by weather, vandalism, theft or abuse. All equipment, including transport items (i.e. hangers, crates, blankets, straps etc.) has replacement value. Replacement charges are made for the shortages and damaged items.

Equipment is sent out full of fuel. We ask that it be returned that way or you will be charged for fuel used.
The customer is responsible for all tire damage or flats. If we are called for repairs, shop rate will apply.

Equipment is sent out clean and should be returned clean. Party rentals: All glassware, utensils, china, etc. should be free of food and replaced in their delivery containers. Linens are not to be washed, but should be dry and refuse free to prevent mildew and staining. Return them in the bags provided. Additional charges will be made if extraordinary cleaning is required.

Delivery and pick-up are available at reasonable rates. Please call for the charge to your specific location.
Normal delivery/pick-up hours correspond to our store hours. After-hours deliveries/pick-up can be arranged, for an additional charge. We cannot guarantee a specific time. Call the day before the delivery/pick-up date to verify approximate time. All deliveries are made to a dock, door, or ground level entry readily available to our trucks. Please check and count all items with delivery person at time of delivery. If no one is available to receive the equipment our count and assessment of equipment must be accepted. Shortage or damage equipment must be reported prior to the use of equipment or the invoice quantities or rental rate will be considered received. Equipment must be restacked and ready for pick-up in the same location as the drop off. If our driver cannot locate the equipment, get access to the equipment, or has to disassemble equipment for any reason additional pick-up charges may be required for the return trip. We can usually accommodate a special situation as long as we are aware of the situation.

If you prefer, you may pick-up or return equipment to our rental location.

We can setup and take down equipment if advance arrangements have been made. There is an additional charge for this service. It is not included in delivery.

If you have a problem with any equipment, call immediately. If you don’t call, we cannot fix the problems.